no limits

Sunshift Dev has a particular story with this challenging and lovely sport

Since 2009, our director has been part of the Uruguayan Blind Football National Team, first as a goalkeeper, next as a coach and guide with the passage of time. The Uruguayan Blind Football National Team, groups together several blind footballers from ages from 14 to 45, from all over the country, to play this beautiful sport. This provides a space for blind people to develop, achieve goals and share a common objectives throughout collaboration and teamwork. The Uruguayan National Team has been part of several international tournaments and friendly matches across the globe. Being part of Guadalajara 2011 Panamerican Games, Toronto 2015 Panamerican Games, among others.


Currently, there are two blind football teams in Uruguay currently practising this sport. Bringing joy and sports spirit to blind people in the country. As many other parasports, there are problems with funding and sponsorhip, it is very tough in a small country like Uruguay to get support for this kind of activities. Sunshift Dev is tightly linked to this discipline from the start and decided to found Gomensoro Universitario Blind Football Team.

Gomensoro Universitario groups together a team, with coaches and blind footballers from the city of Montevideo and surroundings, with the objective of having a space to develop the sport, bond people, and show the world that there are no limits. We strongly believe this is a way of encouraging people from all over the world to overcome their fears and give an example of leadership, collaboration and teamwork. Sunshift Dev proudly supports this project, with sponsorship and active team members.