About Us


The stuff that dreams are made of


Started with the purpose of building customized web experiences and we are now doing


As time went by, we developed experience in several technologies and projects, working with clients all around the world. A community was created with vast knowledge in multiple areas, such as gaming, homebanking systems, international trade, sales, sport institutions, among others. This lead to a whole new world of opportunities and we decided to stick to it, learn about it, stay up to date and leverage our technical knoweldge by working with discipline and clear goals.


At Sunshift Dev we help our partners reach their goals by understanding their needs and empowering their teams with high skilled and dedicated professionals. We are based in Montevideo (Uruguay) and Guadalajara (Mexico), both lovely cities well known for high quality services and having plenty of IT activity. Apart from having convenient timezone availability as well. A multi-disciplined team has been built, with constant training and effort, ready to work with projects of different nature with commitment and common goals. Our community includes professionals from different parts of the world in order to make sure we can cover wide timezones and provide cultural understanding to our partners.